Anniversary parties are special events, not only do they bring back all the memories of the special day, but they are also a celebration of the continuing commitment with the chance for friends and relations to join in and show their love and support.

We at Evolution Events will help you create a budget for the anniversary party, review your guest list, invitations, book site, review venues and themes, floral arrangements and photographers, promote, entertainment, food and drinks, gifts, obtaining memorabilia and pictures. . The anniversary party planning is mandatory if you don’t want things to go wrong on the special day. Anniversary party planning can get as complicated as a wedding. Whether you’re celebrating your own fifth anniversary or your grandparents’ fiftieth, having a good anniversary party plan is key. There are lots of things that go into a good plan for an anniversary party. We at Evolution Events can help you make it a day to remember.

Once you have chosen us for arranging a grand anniversary party, our team will look after even to the smallest needs of the party. You don’t have to worry about anything. Get your dresses well and reach to your own party as guests as we manage everything on your behalf. Some of the services offered by us for arranging a wedding anniversary party are:

  • Booking of the venue
  • Sending invitations
  • Theme planning
  • Food and beverages
  • Decorations and lighting
  • Entertainment and music

Our best quality services have made us the best Anniversary Party Planners in Dubai and thus we proudly call us the leaders in this business. We offer you the best quotes, so that we can have a long relation with our clients. We believe in honest business with our clients.