Event Decor & Theme

From conferences and trade shows to baby showers and weddings, we provide innovative ideas innovative ideas to select your perfect event theme and to show you how it’s done.

Many event planners find that a theme can help add structure to the décor and activities as well as tie it all neatly together. They can be a great way for your attendees to get involved and it can be a fun participatory activity in itself, while creating plenty of photo opportunities..

Themes can also create a buzz prior to the event as guests discuss how they can interpret the theme, what they are going to go as, what their friends are trying and whether they can do joint costumes which can be great corporate team building. Regardless of the event type, there is a theme to transform your event, improve user experience and only make the whole thing better.

We have a wide range of proposed themes that we had implemented into different events, since we had already been through that. We know the costing idea of every selected theme in the market.

Some of them are:

  1. Neon Garden

The neon theme has always been popular at raves or music events and it has recently found itself trickling into other event styles. This has seen the development of ‘color runs’, which involves attendees having neon paint and powder thrown at them during a 5K run.

2.Back To School 

Turning your attendees into school kids and having them dig out their old school uniforms can not only create nostalgia, but also helps to bring people together. You can have staff dressed as teachers with giant digital blackboard graffiti walls and add quirky seating such as retro school writing desks.

3.Escape Rooms

An excellent corporate team building idea and a perfect event if you are looking to get attendees involved and problem-solving. It’s memorable and gets the adrenaline pumping without major sports and adventure, which is perfect for certain demographics.

4.Great Gatsby

A very popular theme idea that suits balls, galas, weddings and black tie events because of the lavish décor choices and the flowing gowns. This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on a lower budget, easily represented by the gold and black color palette without any massive props or signage.

5.      Love Boat

Opt for a cruise deck theme and décor, which could accommodate a glitzy dance floor and seated dining – think Titanic ballroom, but also shipwreck and beach décor too. Event staff could dress in nautical theme or sailor outfits and guests can opt for the nautical theme too; beach bikinis or even ball gowns. Nothing is out of bounds on the love boat.

6.      Classic China

Using traditional color palettes to honor the history of the destination, this event was thoroughly researched and thought out to protect the culture and represent tradition well. Creating stunning effects using digital technology as well as color schemes and décor led to great user experience and beautiful results for this Shanghai-based event.

7.      Crazy Hats

If you want to add a theme or a little fun to your serious event without expecting too much from your attendees, this can be a happy medium that allows them to wear suitable clothes of their choice but still get involved. You could even be more specific by opting for ‘themed hats’ instead!

8.      Space Man

Evening events would work well with a space theme with dark color palettes complemented by twinkly lights and stars. You could extend this by adding planets or moons for centerpieces and table layouts, with space being the main theme. If you are including fancy dress, attendees could dress up as astronauts or aliens.

9.      Mythical Creatures

From dragons, fairies and mermaids to leprechauns, werewolves and griffins, there is no limit to what you can concoct. Whether it is a made-up creature from a film, book or TV series, you can bring these mythological creatures and ideas to life.

10.  Wacky Races

This cartoon was the original Mario Kart and would be great fun for attendees to dress up in the characters but also it would be an excellent theme for soapbox car building, or any other race, or sporting events such as cycling or running.

11.  Luau

The Hawaiians know how to throw a beach party and it’s an awesome theme if you want to bring the beach to you. Have indoor luau’s during the winter or cold weather to boost attendee spirit and whisk them away to a tropical island! Think beach, hula or fire dancers, inflatables and of course a feast!

12.  Urban Graffiti

If you want something more locally themed or you are trying to go for an urban cityscape feel, graffiti is a great idea and you can make it digital or have artists create their own backdrops. Incorporate bold, block colors for the scheme and even add in some geometric shapes, and this theme really comes together.

13.  Hoedown

This folk dancing event involves country themes, rustic décor including hay barrel seating, bunting and string lights but always make sure you have a dance floor! You could also include mechanical bull-riding or for an authentic experience, add horse trail rides and roping practice into the activities.

14.Black & White

A traditionally classy event and definitely an easy option when it comes to décor and furniture, plus it seems to be an attendee favorite as many own black suits or dresses. Black goes with everything so you can mix it up using other color themes; some favorites include black and red, black and gold, gold and white or even all white. You could also decide on the main color by choosing the leading brand color and incorporating that.


Big bold colors and signage, performers, funfair rides, plenty of stalls and games, popcorn and candy floss treats on the snack tables are all a great place to start with this theme. You can also turn invitations into actual retro tickets and even have a big-top tent or incorporate the tent shape into other décor to really stand out.

Which one are you willing to go with?