Family Get to-gathers

Invite your relatives

To begin with, you have to first make a list of all the members in your family. After you’re done making a list, make sure to call everyone personally and invite them on the date you plan to hold the get-together.


  • We can help you in making the list as well as personally inviting each of them.

Organize food and drinks

This is a huge responsibility. Organizing food and drinks is not simple, if you have lot of family members. More often than not, people usually cook themselves if there are fewer members. But if you have more than 10 members in your family, it’ll be best if you can hire a caterer.

  • We can help you with the catering management, according to your guest’s preference of eating.

Select a venue

If you think that conducting a get-together in your house is a bit of difficult, look out for an alternate venue. It can either be a banquet hall that you can book for the entire day or a relative’s place. But make sure that you have a venue at hand so that it does not become difficult for you as well as your family members in the end.

  • We can help you with selecting the venue, any 5* hotel venue, or any preferred place.

Delegate responsibilities

It is not easy to plan the whole get-together on your own. Thus, ask your relatives to help you out with this. You can assign one to take care of the food and drinks, the other can look out for a venue etc.

  • We take care of the event attendees, as well as the full event responsibility.