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Entertainment Permits

Entertainment permits are mandatory for every every artist/performer in all kinds of corporate and public events. – Private social events like weddings and birthday parties are excluded.

DTCM Permits

DTCM & DED permits are required for all kinds of corporate and public events and need to be applied in advance. The permit fees and documents required differ from each event type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTCM Permit?

You need an event permit from dubai tourism and commerce marketing (DTCM). As per dubai government decree no. 25 of 2013 events in category of sports, entertainment, business, fashion, art, culture, ticketed or non-ticketed require a DTCM permit.

Do all Events Permits be issued Through the e-permit?

Yes, all events requiring a permit have to get the e-permit through e-permit platform.

What are the types of performers that require a permit?

Typer of performers on entertainment events are: Acrobatic Performer, Belly Dancer, CD Music Player, Choir, Clown, Dancer, DJ, Drummer, Folkloric Dancer, maestro, Magician, oud/lute player, Performer, Painist, Poet, Shjow Presenter, Singer, Stage/Theatre Actor, Story Producer, String Instrument player, Speaker.

Are there any Event types that do not require an e-permit?

Yes, certain event types taking place in hotels and public venues are not required to go through the e-permit platform as long as they don’t sell tickets or do not require registration process. The hotel has to communicate the event information as a notification containing basic information to the relevant entities.

Event Types include:

  • Personal Events (Weddings, Birthdays, Aniversaries, reunions etc.)
  • Internal events conducted by corporates and other entities for the benefit of their employees.
  • Events conducted by diplomatic delegations in UAE entities. (embassies, Consulates, UN Entities etc.)
  • Internel events held by schools and universities in their premises for their students or employees.

Do Conferences and Exibitions require permit?

All Conference and Exibition events require permit regardless of the venue type nature like conference center, exibition center, hotel and university or school auditorioum.

What is the timeline for getting Approval?

The timeline for processing a permit application is minimum 5-8 working days, With the application only able to be processed once payment has been received. The exact timeframe depends on the type of event and activities involved, and we will be communicated for each application separately.

What are the required documents to apply for the Event Permit?


Required Document For Each event Type:-

1 Entertainment Event 1. No objection certificate from venue
2. Event owner passport copy
3. passport and photocopy for each performer
2 Business Event 1. No objection certificate from venue
2. Event owner passport copy
3. Emirates ID if speaker UAE citizen/ UAE resident
4. If Exibition/Product launch:list of all company that participate on the exibition/product launch
3 Sports Event 1. No objection certificate from venue
2. Event owner passport copy
3. Event breif or sponsorship package
4 Charity and Religious Event 1. No objection certificate from venue
2. Event owner passport copy, Emirates ID, and copy of company trade license
3. Copy for a form of advertising material (if required)
4. If auction – attached photo of items
5. Passport copy and photo for ech speaker/lecturer
5 Entertainment Activity Permit 1. passport and photocopy for each performer
6 Shopping Mall Activity Permit 1. Passport and photocopy for each performer
7 Retail Outlet Activity Permit 1. No objection certificate from mall (not yet implement)
2. Passport and photocopy for each performer
8 Private Activity (Notification) 1. Event owner passport copy/ Emirates ID

What are the Charges for DTCM Permits?

The fees depends on the type of event, activities and number of performers in the application. we will charge the actual DTCM fees + Service fee for processing the application. This amount can only be confirmed once we have received all the documents to process the application.

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